Westwood has been providing engineering expertise for wind, solar, and power delivery projects for nearly two decades. We are proactive problem-solvers assisted by professionals experienced in multiple disciplines. Our integrated project design solutions help to reduce risk and streamline construction. Westwood clients expect only the best and we are committed to deliver.

Civil Engineering

Westwood’s civil engineering team is dedicated to understanding the important nuances of each power market. Led by licensed, professional engineers, our team includes experts in site design, hydrology, erosion control, and technology integration. This diversity of expertise is critical to ensuring wind turbines, transmission structures, and racking posts are located correctly, and helps prevent change orders and costly construction issues.

Electrical Engineering

Westwood’s electrical engineering team combines PV solar design skills and innovation to lower the cost of our clients’ projects. Our experience covers all aspects of project development from conceptual energy modeling to performance verification. We are continually researching and evaluating technologies to inform and optimize our designs, and thus maximize our clients’ returns.

Our wind electrical engineering team has broad experience in collection system design. This includes layout and constructability optimization, component specification, detailing, and electrical studies. By working in close collaboration with the Westwood civil, environmental, and surveying teams, we ensure that the entire Balance of Plant design is efficient and effective.

Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

Westwood leads the solar industry by implementing best practices to manage the risks of ground-mounted projects. Our design expertise ranges from the frost-prone regions of the northern US and Canada to the volcanic soils and extreme terrain of Hawaii. Our services include geotechnical investigations, foundation designs, and pile load testing.