Client Tara Estates Phase 1, LLC
Location Watford City, North Dakota
Scope 56-acre, high-density, single- and multi-family development; Phase 1 includes 83 units on 13 acres

Tara Estates

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying (for design and approval)
  • Engineering (for design and approval)
  • Environmental for agricultural borders and Cherry Creek to the south side of site
  • Construction Staking


Tara Estates is a high-density, single- and multi-family development in the heart of the Bakken. Phase 1 includes 83 housing units on 13 acres and is currently under construction. Additional phases are planned for the remaining 43 acres. Population in the area has exploded, requiring new housing and services to support the growing number of people in the oil industry’s fastest growing market. Westwood’s experience working in North Dakota and our knowledge of residential development kept the Tara Estates project on track, despite the challenging environment.

Overcoming Obstacles

Development in North Dakota has unique challenges relating to explosive growth and the stress it places on service providers.

Having decades of experience in residential development, in all sorts of economic environments, the client and the city appreciated the Westwood team’s commitment to quality planning and engineering solutions.

Positive Collaboration

Work had to progress quickly to meet the demanding timeline. The city understood this need, but could not always respond because of the volume of new requests. The Westwood team helped foster an extremely positive collaborative relationship between the city and the owner during the project. Acting as the go-between, Westwood presented plans to the city, the city responded with comments and Westwood made adjustments to meet the needs for all the parties. Westwood’s proactive approach and knowledge of the area and its challenges helped mitigate the city’s workload, which will help pave the way for additional phases.