Wind farm developers who have struggled with unidentified underground utilities on projects located in oil and gas regions, will now be able to start construction with confidence, thanks to Westwood’s recent launch of utility discovery services. Westwood’s wind team works with utility company locators to extensively and accurately map and physically mark utility crossings prior to construction so that projects can move ahead on schedule.

ALTA/NSPS land title surveys require field location of only those existing utilities which are visible or physically marked by the owner. For this reason, ALTA surveys may not always reveal unidentified underground utilities, especially on large-scale wind developments. Working collaboratively with utility companies and their locators, Westwood’s surveyors and engineers have developed a way to gather utility crossing data early, make changes when necessary, and physically mark crossings before construction begins. This utility discovery process helps to maintain project schedules by minimizing delays due to unexpected utilities found during construction.

Westwood’s utility discovery service is tried and true, to the appreciation of owners, developers, and utility companies alike. The firm is excited to offer this new service to all clients in order to provide better results for wind development.