Technical Director, Construction Stormwater Compliance

Aaron has more than 15 years of experience as a construction stormwater compliance specialist. As Westwood's technical director for construction stormwater compliance, he is responsible for the development, updating, and coordination of NPDES/SWPPP compliance services including narratives, erosion and sediment control plans, typical details, inspections, and other construction stormwater compliance services. Aaron focuses on corporate quality control and implementing service and product industry standards for Westwood clients nationwide. While coordinating and managing a national program, Aaron provides consistent products tailored to the regional demands and unique needs of the land, energy, and power delivery markets. Aaron is an associate of the firm.

University of Minnesota, BS Natural Resource Management and Environmental Studies

Registrations & Certifications
Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Inspector
Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control
Erosion and Stormwater Management, Construction Site Management
Erosion and Stormwater Management, Design of Construction SWPPP
Qualified SWPPP Developer (California)
Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (California)
Level II Introduction to Design (Georgia)