Animated Infographic: Engineering Services Overview

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Specialized engineering for unique needs.

Westwood’s civil, electrical, traffic, and water resources engineers provide the expertise to support successful commercial, residential, wind, solar, power delivery, and oil and gas projects.

Engineering for Land 

With economical design solutions that integrate sustainable design, low impact development (LID), and sound engineering practices, we meet the budgetary and regulatory requirements of land clients. Westwood has streamlined hundreds of challenging entitlements and permitting processes. Read More.

Engineering for Power

Westwood’s proactive problem solvers are backed by a team of professionals experienced in multiple disciplines and deliver engineering and project management expertise for wind, solar, and power delivery projects. Read More.

Transportation Engineering

From pre-design work to determine how customers will access a site, to post-design emphasis on traffic operations, Westwood’s traffic engineers are focused on providing complete street solutions for the challenges along our roadway networks. Read More. 

Construction Management

Our registered construction engineers and managers, land surveyors, DOT-certified construction observers, and NPDES compliance specialists round out our project teams to support and manage land and power projects nationwide. Read More.