Effective integration of environmental studies creates successful projects. Experience navigating a variety of regulatory environments and integrating with all of Westwood’s services are the key factors the environmental team brings to a project.  

Environmental Permitting

Securing permits is a critical step for financing and construction. Whether federal, state, or local permits are needed for full project or just wetland impacts, Westwood has the experience to work with regulators in an effective manner to secure timely permits. 

Environmental Field Studies 

Solid field data collected in accordance with current regulatory standards is essential to any environmental study. Our staff is composed of biologists, engineers, geologists, archaeologists, natural scientists, hydrologists, and GIS specialists, which ensures the perspective needed to appropriately plan and conduct environmental studies suitable to a variety of projects. 

Environmental Assessment

Compiling varied information to prepare an effective Environmental Assessment (EA) requires experience and broad expertise. As a full-service surveying and engineering firm, Westwood is able to integrate the often diverse information required to effectively complete EAs, whether federal or state in nature. 

Property Transfer

Coupled with our land planning services, we can help assess environmental and soil issues ahead of a project’s closing. Westwood’s experienced staff guides clients through potential issues and helps with risk retirement as planning moves through each stage of development.  


Westwood brings decades of experience in preparing permit applications within the regulatory requirements of the Clean Air and Water Acts, NEPA, and the NHPA. Our environmental team has a wide range of permitting experience in several markets and across federal, state, and local levels.

  • Transmission Route Permitting
  • Renewable Energy Facility Permitting
  • State Wetland Permitting
  • Federal 404 and 401 Permitting
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • SWPPP Inspections
  • Wetland Banking
  • Public Hearings and Testimony
  • Impact Assessments
  • Watershed Permitting
  • Enforcement Resolution
  • Site Selection and Prioritization
  • Federal and State Construction Stormwater General Permits – NPDES permitting

Westwood provides professional ecological and biological consulting services to evaluate all aspects of natural resources on a given project of any size. Our environmental team supports all phases and types of projects with expertise in wetlands, wildlife ecology, habitat assessment, and cultural resources.    

  • Wetland and Stream Delineations
  • Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Tree Surveys and Woodland Evaluations
  • Environmental Constraints/Critical Issues Analyses
  • Bat Surveys
  • Avian and Raptor Surveys
  • Post-Construction Fatality Monitoring
  • FAA Aviation Evaluations
  • GIS Data Evaluation and Mapping
  • Invasive Species
  • LiDAR-Based Resource Assessments

The sale or purchase of commercial, industrial, or residential properties typically requires an understanding of potential environmental risks or environmental constraints associated with the parcel. Westwood conducts studies for environmental risks, natural and cultural resource assessments, and existing site conditions that are critical in the early stages of land development.

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Asbestos Screening – Pre Demolition Surveys
  • Wetland Delineation and Water Resources Evaluations
  • Tree Inventories
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Land Surveys
  • GIS Assessments
  • Infiltration Studies
  • Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Facility Compliance Audits
  • National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) Compliance
  • Section 106 Consultations
  • Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW)
  • Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Environmental Reports (ER)
  • Critical Issues Analyses/Fatal Flaw Studies
  • Site Suitability Ranking