Westwood’s approach to land planning and design is to create successful projects by first understanding the client’s vision, then developing a plan that is supported by the community due to its own unique sense of place and harmony to the surrounding environment, built or natural.

Landscape Architecture

Licensed professional landscape architects design with a keen understanding of natural systems, external influences, construction methodology, and most importantly human perception. Our landscape architects are experts in creating integral space and connectivity throughout a project by incorporating social amenities into engineered plans.


Westwood planners have comprehensive knowledge in government process and development implementation. Their expertise covers all aspects of land entitlements with an integral understanding of city and regional land use policies. They know how to work within jurisdiction requirements to achieve project approvals.


Master plans create the vision and tell the story of the benefits of a project to its community. Our master plans have enlightened and excited civic leaders and citizens to embrace and incorporate projects, both large and small, into the vision for their communities.

  • Concept Plans and Bubble Diagrams
  • Schematic Plans
  • Sketch Plans
  • Site Inventory and Analysis
  • Site Capacity
  • Theme Development
  • Scheduling and Phasing
  • Project Programming
  • Environmental Studies (EAW, EIS, AUAR)
  • Development Booklets
  • Marketing and Promotional Materials    

Westwood site plans fulfill project submittal needs. They are drawn to be visually concise, clear, and easily understood. The “site plan” is frequently referred to in public presentations and is most often what sells a project. If the plan is not clear, the project can be seen as confusing. Westwood site plans present a clear message.

  • Plan Drawings
  • Due Diligence and Code Review
  • Government Permitting/Applications
  • Circulation Plans
  • LEED and LID design
  • Project Narrative and Public Presentation  

Project amenities win approvals. Westwood’s landscape architects' innovation and creativity transforms ordinary projects into desirable projects. Today’s markets require a high level of design and functionality within both large and small places, and rural and urban environments.

  • Planting and Irrigation Plans
  • Natural and Environmental Systems
  • Site Amenity and Furnishings
  • Streetscapes
  • Plaza and Fountains
  • Monumentation and Identification
  • Green Roofs
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Parks and Trails
  • Site Visualization Graphics and Imagery