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All real estate acquisition investments are different and require a significant amount of time and energy. Westwood’s team of professionals works with our clients to launch successful projects and mitigate risk. We can help ease your mind and find the answers you need when financing additional properties.

  • What is the risk level?
  • What unknowns could add costs later?
  • Are there hidden site constraints, boundary or easement issues, or environmental concerns?

Find out what you really need.

Not all real estate investments require the same due diligence. We can help identify what is needed and customize a due diligence package to fit your specific project. Depending on the site and/or location, a project may require one or more of the following services:

  • Phase I and Phase II ESAs
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey
  • Zoning Report
  • Property Condition Assessment

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Implement a due diligence strategy.

Once the due diligence strategy/package is determined, we will assist with each step and will be readily available to answer questions and address project needs and findings as they arise. Managing and meeting due diligence timelines and budgets is vital to kicking off a successful project. Westwood helps with that too.

Bring on experienced professionals who care about results.

Most real estate investments require professional expertise and horsepower to make it all happen. Staffing hundreds of projects of various sizes and locations, our clients still receive a personal touch through a high level of responsiveness and service. Our due diligence professionals are accessible for questions and support, and at Westwood, attention to quality and safety are a given.

In addition to due diligence services, Westwood offers a wide range of commercial and residential development solutions including: 

Land Evaluation - The first step in developing or redeveloping a commercial or residential property is completing a Land Evaluation. We help our clients lay the essential groundwork prior to acquiring property or commencement of development by providing assistance in site selection, site constraint analysis, regulatory requirements research, preparation of site and concept plans, preliminary cost estimates, and entitlement support. 

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Due Diligence Services

Westwood’s environmental team supports the due diligence process with Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA). Whether it’s researching past land uses for potential environmental concerns or collecting soil, groundwater, or vapor samples from a property, a cohesive Phase I or Phase II ESA report will reduce risk and liability, and will assist with future planning purposes.

Westwood’s land surveyors perform hundreds of surveys a year across the country. An ALTA/NSPS survey brings information from the public record together with site conditions in the field. An ALTA helps answer questions like: Is there an existing conservation easement protecting the property from development? Is there an existing trail that allows the public to cross the property to get to the park? Are there issues with the boundaries on the property? Westwood’s surveyors are licensed across the nation and are experts on the Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys and Optional Table A items.

Westwood prepares Zoning Reports for properties nationwide. These reports include items such as the property zoning, zoning code, zoning letter from the local governmental unit, and certificate of occupancy, if applicable. The information gathered by Westwood’s experts is summarized in an easy-to-interpret format, allowing the property stakeholders to make an informed decision about their investment. The information gathered during the Zoning Report preparation is integrated into the ALTA survey, making the combination a natural fit. View a sample zoning report here.

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) are through inspections of a property's grounds and buildings. They are a worthy aspect of a due diligence package for investors needing to know the condition of the real estate they are intending to buy, lease, or finance. Commonly completed along with a Phase I ESA during a property transfer, the PCA reviews various building systems and identifies short-term and long-term required improvements. Examples of improvements include building or fire code violations, safety concerns, and roof replacement.