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Wind Energy

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Any wind energy project is a huge undertaking, whether utility-scale onshore or offshore, or even a repower, but we don’t have to tell you that. Extensive project and industry knowledge, gathered from our experience working on some of the most challenging wind projects across the US, means we’ve got solutions ready to get your project up and running fast.

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Whether it’s a small or large project, located in the flat plains of the Midwest or on the ridgetops across a mountain range, we’ve got your back. Our responsive, flexible, and reliable team provides extensive services to navigate permitting, design, and construction hurdles smoothly. Broad experience and licenses allow us to help you wherever you are.

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Whether through a partial or full repower, updating turbine technology extends the plant’s lifespan, increases its efficiency and power output capacity, reduces O&M costs, and captures additional PTC benefit. Having worked on hundreds of wind projects across the country since 1997, there’s a good chance we were involved with the original design of a project that has reached its repowering stage!

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Operations and Maintenance

Through preventative planning, annual site reviews, and extensive data management, we can support your wind farm operations. Regular maintenance can prevent more costly damages. Our experts will recommend what upkeep may be needed and when for smooth running and continual permit compliance.

The proof is in our work

If you'd like to see how Westwood's team of professionals apply their talent, take a look at some of the projects we've done across the country.


Westwood is the sole windPRO software sales and support agent for the United States and Canada. 

Collaborative solutions

Innovative ideas appear at the crossroads of expertise. When we blend our in-house talents and share knowledge, the results are streamlined development processes and unique, cost-saving practices.

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Dan Beckmann, PE
Senior Vice President, Power Division

“Since the age of three, I have loved building things.  I went from designing and constructing complex road networks in the sandbox to overseeing construction of all sorts for the first ten years of my career.  Today, I have the pleasure of being part of energy projects all over the country. In my spare time, I enjoy home improvement projects, coaching youth sports, volunteering with the Boy Scouts, and spending time with my family.”

Dan Beckmann Dan Beckmann
Behind the Scenes
See what it's like to work on our team

We get up and get going with a passion for what we do every day, and it feels good to know that we are making a difference. With 12 different services to support four unique markets in Power, we have the ability to reach across the hall for specialized professional input, while also building strong relationships and new friends across our team. We are a family, working toward the same end goal, which is to advance the world’s energy infrastructure for a better tomorrow!  Watch the video and see for yourself.

Advancing Energy Infrastructure for a Better Tomorrow
One project at a time

Know what we and our clients have in common?  We are all dedicated and passionate about improving the world we live in. Working with our clients over the last three decades, we’ve made great strides in growing the renewable energy industry and supporting more than 40 GW of wind energy projects. The future of infrastructure is in our hands, so let’s get started. As technologies improve, methods change, and markets shift, we stand at the forefront of the industry. When new opportunities arise across the US and beyond, we will be there with you.

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