Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

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Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
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Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

for Power Projects

There’s no such thing as regular old dirt. Every project comes with its own unique subsurface conditions, and it’s the job of our geotechnical and structural engineers to know the nuances below ground – how it will give and take – and then optimize design for solid, long-term structures.

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Geotechnical Investigations

Without the proper geotechnical research, there is greater risk for fatal flaws for the project. By investigating the subsurface conditions through soil borings, cone penetration tests, and other tests, we can provide quality recommendations for the design and construction of project infrastructure.


Subsurface conditions we’ve encountered and adapted to:

  • Shallow bedrock and caliche
  • Tropical and expansive clay
  • Collapsible loess
  • Glacial till
  • Soft/organic clays
  • Karst

Solar Foundation Design

Are the cost implications of solar foundation design variables on your mind? They’re on ours, too, having previous team experience on the solar EPC contractor side of things. Collaborating with in-house teams on the civil design, geotechnical investigation, and pile load test programs, we can ensure that all factors affecting design are carefully evaluated.

Geotechnical and Structural Design

Our most satisfied clients use a variety of geotechnical and structural design services that we offer. Beyond pile design for PV racking systems, we support commercial solar, wind, energy storage, and transmission projects with expertise in reinforced concrete shallow foundations, drilled shafts, helical anchors, bridge evaluations, and corrosion studies.


Additional Expertise:

  • Embankments and retaining walls
  • Crane pads
  • Road studies and design
  • Slope stability analyses

Owner’s Engineer/ Independent Engineer Review

Draw on our knowledge whenever needed to review geotechnical investigations and corrosion evaluations. Let us be your pre-construction checkpoint for conformance to applicable codes and industry standards, as well as your post-construction checkpoint for conformance to project design documents. We’ll review quality control data or conduct our own as-built surveys.

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Sam Jorgensen, PE
Director, Geotechnical & Structural Engineering

"Outside of work I enjoy bowling, golfing, and fishing the many lakes in the Madison area. My wife and I are kept busy enjoying the outdoors with our three daughters. It’s that love of the outdoors that led me to a career in geotechnical and structural engineering for renewable energy projects. At Westwood I’m fortunate to work with a great team focused on evaluating subsurface conditions and optimizing designs to ensure a successful project."

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