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Wind Resources Wind Resources
Energy Assessment 2 Energy Assessment 2
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Field Micrositing Field Micrositing
Environmental Impact Environmental Impact
Campaign Planning Campaign Planning

Wind Resource

for Wind Energy

Westwood brings a unique perspective to siting wind turbines. Our wind resource team and engineers work together to optimize project sites for energy production and constructability. As an integrated team of wind resource, engineering, land surveying, and environmental specialists, we develop solutions that help deliver the lowest cost of energy for your project.

Energy Production Estimates

Ensure project competitiveness by comparing multiple layout scenarios for finance modeling. Eliminate costly updates to bankable energy reports using our P50, time series output, and wind resource map products.

  • Bankable Energy Assessments
  • Uncertainty Analysis 
  • Wind Analysis and Data Monitoring 
  • Operational Curtailment

Portfolio Assessment and Project Feasibility

Maximize profit and minimize risk for project lenders and equity participants. Budget and invest wisely by assessing and ranking multiple development opportunities against one another. Mitigate risk by characterizing known constraints and technical attributes such as relative power production.

Turbine Layout Design

Through our collaborative team approach, wind projects realize cost savings and maximized energy yields. By combining the expertise of wind resource, engineering, and environmental design teams, we optimize turbine layouts for any development stage, minimize rework, and help manage constructability issues and setback compliance.

  • Wind Farm Design and Optimization
  • Constructability Analysis 
  • Constraints Mapping 
  • Desktop Micrositing 
  • Field Micrositing 

Environmental Impact Assessments

We make certain that conformance to permitting requirements is achieved by leveraging our industry expert tools and experience.


  • Noise Analysis
  • Shadow Flicker
  • Visual Impacts
  • Environmental and Constraints Studies 

Measurement Campaign Planning

Wind resource experts help achieve low wind speed uncertainty with minimal cost and time impact to the project. Westwood can assist with the selection of optimal measurement locations to reduce health and safety risks and improve knowledge of the wind regime at hub height.

  • Wind Data Collection and Monitoring 
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