Client Andrews Distributing
Location Allen, Texas
Scope 303,000 SF cold-vault storage and distribution center

Andrews Distributing

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying 
  • Engineering 
  • Construction Management
  • Water Resources Management


Situated on a high spot on 44 acres, the Andrews Distributing center in Allen, TX is a central location for transporting Miller Beer. The natural topography simplified construction, but extra care was needed to develop a design that would accommodate the large amount of delivery trucks going in and out of the site daily. 

Efficient Circulation

The City had concerns about the increase in traffic that the facility would create, so the team held numerous meetings with the city and the client to finalize traffic flow plans. The team modified the city access roads to meet traffic flow requirements. 

Circulation on the site itself was a major factor. The biggest challenge with this project was fitting a facility on the space of land that would still function efficiently and to the client’s expectations. The incoming trucks had a separate unloading area for drop off. The outgoing distribution trucks needed to be able to drive through one side of the cold-vault storage building to load and out the other end to transport the product. Overnight parking was also important to integrate.

The site also needed to have good drainage, and while being on a ridge helped with this, there could not be any steep grades on site because of the low-riding trucks and the type of load they carried. By applying good engineering principals, the team solved both problems to the satisfaction of the client. By designing a circulation pattern for the trucks and a high dock area without trench drains, the trucks were able to circulate efficiently, and a slight slope down and away from the building ensured good drainage.

The facility was completed in 2011, and within two years it was already accommodating the planned distribution for five years out without disruption to the area. At 303,000 SF, this is thought to be one of the largest cold-vault storage facilities in its area.