Client LGO Hospitality Group
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Scope Redevelopment of aging property into an upscale restaurant

Buck & Rider Restaurant

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Water Resources Management
  • Land Planning


This project was a complicated engineering design that required our team’s experience in the area. Onsite were multiple aging buildings. A portion of the site was a former public alley that still contained an abandoned storm drain infrastructure main line from the early 1900’s. The site also had inadequate drainage facilities that resulted not only in onsite flooding but also downstream flooding of a residential subdivision. 

Our team worked with the city to develop practical engineering solutions to the onsite and offsite flooding. These improvements included significant onsite infill and construction of a levee and drainage facilities which redirected stormwater discharge into an adjacent city right of way. The team also worked with the city to negotiate site planning that would to accommodate the proposed development without requiring the removal of the abandoned storm drain infrastructure.

Additional Requirements

Since the project was located in an area of the city that was being redeveloped and was adjacent to a high-rise condo project that was under construction, the city required the Buck & Rider site to include a pedestrian pathway between the two projects to help the city develop an urban feel.