Client Encore Wire Corporation
Location McKinney, Texas
Scope 124-acre southwest campus, 12 buildings, including manufacturing, distributing center, and office space

Encore Wire Campus

Project Details

Westwood's Role

  • Surveying 
  • Engineering 
  • Landscape Design


Familiarity with a site only grows the longer a team spends on it and the more projects they work on at that site. Having been invited to make a bid on a 160,000 SF campus addition in 2004, the team, upon receiving the project, had plenty of due diligence to get involved with. Not much information had been recorded for the previously built sections, so research needed to be done for the whole area, including utility and traffic studies, site access and coordination, and drainage plans. The client had high expectations when it came to services, and the team was able to meet them and stay on with the client through additional projects on site. 

The Southwest Campus

Currently on the southwest campus, there are 12 buildings, including a 925-foot long aluminum wire manufactory, distributing center, and two office buildings with a total space of over 2,000,000 SF. The terrain is very flat, and the team needed to design a significant offsite drainage basin to manage stormwater. 

Growing the Campus

As the relationship with the client has continued, the entire area owned has grown to over 400 acres. Future development is planned for the north side of Elm Street, a road that was built on the edge of the original property, and the client needs to have good access between campuses for a variety of traffic. The street now being well-used, cannot be taken offline; therefore the team is looking at alternative options for safe transit.