Client Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Location Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Scope 180,000 SF 3D surveying for future design changes

Olympus Surgical Technologies of America

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

•    ALTA/NSPS Surveying
•    Topographic Surveying
•    Utility Staking
•    Construction Staking


Olympus looked to expand its medical division into a global hub of engineering and technology. It chose to build a two-story, 180,000 SF facility in Brooklyn Park to consolidate the company’s five operations into one high-performance building that will serve as an international showpiece. 

As a high tech company, Olympus needed assurance that this new building would accommodate future possibilities as changes became necessary. Our client looked to Westwood for an accurate structural accounting of the building’s interior.  

Surveying from Start to Finish – and Beyond

As part of the overall development process, Westwood provided ALTA surveys, topographic surveys, and construction layout services. The project was on a fast-track, requiring close collaboration and communication with the design and construction teams. In addition, once the facility was built, Westwood was enlisted to perform highly accurate as-builts of some of the floors inside the building to address any future construction and design considerations.Our surveyors performed 3D scanning to support structural design and analysis and provided a 3D model for a comprehensive data set and modeling of the floors which provided the owner and client necessary information for consideration in future design decisions.

Local Knowledge

Westwood was a great fit for this project because we have been involved in multiple projects in the MN-610 corridor between US-169 and Noble Parkway. Our extensive survey work in the area made us experts of the land and local building requirements.