Client Colton Constructors, Inc. / Sub Rally II, LLC
Location Phoenix, Arizona
Scope Five acre, high-profile auto dealership

Porsche of Chandler

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying
  • Water Resources
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Staking


Luxury Automotive dealerships have specific branding requirements that define the overall look and function of the products. Often, desired look and operations don’t comply with the city’s planning and engineering ordinances. This client required a full-access driveway entrance from a bordering major arterial. For this particular site, a full-access driveway entrance could not be constructed in compliance with the city’s traffic ordinances. Westwood’s team had the knowledge and experience necessary to analyze the dealership’s branding requirements and the critical components of the city’s traffic ordinance as they pertained to the driveway entrance. The team developed a modification to the city development standards that both parties could agree on. Resolving the access issues was key to moving this project forward. Had the driveway entrance not been resolved the dealership would have moved to a different location. 

Making a Dealership's Building Forward Design Work

This site design was all about high-visibility for Porsche. The building floor was significantly elevated, which required creative drainage design to convey off-site and on-site stormwater through the site development. The high profile requirement of the brand required site planning that included a building forward design, which was contrary to the overall balance of previous development in the auto-park. The other dealerships had their buildings set farther back from the adjacent arterial streets to create an on-site connectivity between the existing developments with an access road. Because the building forward concept was a non-negotiable design element for this big brand, this presented a significant challenge for the design team. Ultimately, the team was able to find a way to incorporate an access road between dealerships that was acceptable to the city, while maintaining the building forward design.