Location 11 States

United Properties National Warehouse Portfolio

Project Details

Westwood’s Role 

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveying


United Properties National Warehouse Portfolios consisted of various industrial/warehouse properties located 11 different states. Westwood was selected to perform ALTA/NSPS Land Title surveys as part of a national real estate transaction. 

Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration

Surveying multiple properties across several states requires a large degree of communication, coordination, and collaboration amongst the project teams. Westwood’s survey staff worked closely with the client and their legal staff as part of the due diligence effort. Working with multiple teams in several offices, Westwood took steps to ensure that the portfolio was completed in a manner that was efficient, consistent, and effective.  

Most of the survey work related to this project was performed in-house, however Westwood also partnered with local survey firms in cases where registration was an issue, or it was determined to be more cost-effective for the client. Experienced in collaborating on national projects, Westwood’s business model includes establishing national partnerships in order to offer our clients a wide variety of solutions to best meet the needs of their projects.