Client Nor-Son, Inc.
Location Watford City, North Dakota
Scope 20-acre site for new commercial office building and warehouse

J. Koski

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Platting
  • Engineering Grading, Drainage and Utilities


The client sought a consultant who could provide the responsiveness and diligence needed on this project. Westwood was hired to provide surveying and engineering services on a new commercial office and warehouse building for contractors supporting the oil boom. Development in this area of North Dakota has unique challenges not found elsewhere. Westwood’s experience in the Bakken was an asset and key to keeping the project on track.

Diligent Oversight Pays Off in the Bakken Area

Due to the level of pending and active construction, J. Koski is a typical project for North Dakota: high demand for end use, tight project timelines, competition for building resources, and slow local responsiveness. Surveying and engineering are difficult due to ongoing roadway construction, utilities expansion, and concurrent building projects. Westwood’s extensive experience with similar developments in the area helped the project team anticipate potential problems.

The oil boom has changed the landscape of rural towns like Watford City, virtually overnight. When this project began, the street on which this project is located did not show up on readily available maps. Two years later, the same maps show numerous roads, neighborhoods and commercial developments. The area continues to change rapidly as commercial developments like J. Koski move forward.

Westwood’s team understands that governing bodies are overwhelmed by requests making it difficult to provide timely response to new ones. Regardless of the area’s popular mindset to “get it done the fastest way possible,” Westwood brought experience and knowledge to the J. Koski project in a region that requires diligent oversight to see that work is carried out correctly.