Client Minnesota School of Business/Globe University
Location Woodbury, Minnesota
Scope 1.5-acre Phase 2 campus expansion

Minnesota School of Business/Globe University-Phase 2

Project Details

Westwood’s Role  

  • Topographic Surveying, Construction Staking
  • Planning  
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Environmental; Tree Survey

Overview – Two Week Turnaround

This 1.5-acre project was on a fast-track turnaround of about two weeks to design plans for a building pad and parking lot modifications in a heavily wooded area using an existing master plan for this Phase 2 campus expansion. With construction season already underway and a rapidly growing influx of students, Minnesota School of Business needed more space quickly and wanted to develop the next phase - a multi-story classroom/office building.

Steep Slopes and Saving Trees

The heavily wooded terrain presented a steep slope near wetlands. Many large trees were originally identified for removal. To save as many trees as possible, Westwood’s survey team defined tree removal limits and landscape architects visually inspected and identified which trees needed to go and which could stay. Close environmental observation during construction monitored field disturbance limits in the tree-saving process. Because of the steep slope into the woods, Westwood needed to create access around the building and did so by adding a patio area and boulder retaining walls to again retain as many trees as possible. A bio swale, which was not part of the master plan, was creatively added to address new stormwater requirements.

Going the Extra Mile

In addition to accommodating the client's fast-track schedule and providing technical design for a building on a master-planned campus, Westwood also offered the client insights into how to respond to and accommodate the city's requests for additional improvements as part of their overall approval process.