Client NTH, Inc.
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Scope 1.7 acre downtown Minneapolis auditorium expansion

Orchestra Hall

Project Details

Westwood’s Role  

  • Laser Scanning
  • Boundary Surveying, Topographic Surveying, Construction Staking
  • Civil Engineering Site Design
  • Landscape Architecture


This project took place in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The building’s exterior expanded to the property line, which resulted in site constraints on a limited 1.7-acre space. Westwood had previously provided both 3D laser scanning and modeling services for the multi-floor interior of the building for the Toronto-based architect. Now, with the exterior expansion, keeping construction going and the downtown businesses operational while rerouting underground utilities meant working closely with the City and the utility company.

Overcoming Obstacles

With the utilities underground in this urban location and the building expansion running over the existing steam line vault where the lines come together to provide service to other downtown buildings, keeping utilities operational throughout the project was paramount. Westwood worked closely with the utility company and the City of Minneapolis to resolve where to relocate the vault and steam lines. While the building expansion was under construction, several unknown utilities were discovered. These utilities needed to be identified and factored into the relocation design while keeping construction moving.

Adapting to Ongoing Changes

The early design required coordination with the Peavey Plaza redesign next door. When the Peavey project was put on hold, Westwood adapted the design and provided a finished plan. Westwood’s project team maintained maximum flexibility to support the client with last-minute construction changes and landscape sketches.