Client Target
Location Duluth, Minnesota
Scope Solutions for a 139,000 SF retail store threatened by codes

Target Duluth

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • ALTA Survey, Topographic Survey, Construction Staking, Easement Reviews, As-Builts
  • Planning
  • Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Management; Review and Inspections


Westwood teamed with Target Corporation and other specialized consultants in reviewing a roadway expansion and property condemnation that reduced Target's property from 14 to 11 acres for an existing 139,000-SF store located within the Miller Hill regional roadway improvement project area.

City Codes Challenge Existing Store

The property sits on and is surrounded by bedrock and is challenged with flooding issues from nearby Miller Creek. To protect Target's structural interest during roadway construction blasting, the project needed close monitoring on site. City code needed to be rewritten for a successful outcome for this Target location.

Property condemnation almost closed the store. MnDOT ROW taking and remaining property were at odds with the city requirements where the parking setback and the reduced parking were at a level that was neither compliant per code nor feasible by Target to continue operations.

Analysis Leads to Compromise Solutions

Target needed to maximize the parking lot, which required site planning to identify alternative options for obtaining a compromise between all parties. Westwood's team helped navigate the project through the various processes including providing input on language for drafting changes to city code to make this all work.

A traffic and site plan impact analysis identified access, parking, and landscape issues. Westwood developed concept plans that resulted in a compromise solution in working with MnDOT, the county, and the City. Our team also identified construction improvements to correct existing maintenance problem areas, while providing Target improvement oversight during roadway construction. In addition, Westwood assisted legal counsel on an impact cost analysis and provided review and research into improvement requirements, along with developing legal exhibits and booklets for potential expert testimony.