Client Enbridge
Location Illinois
Scope 168-mile crude oil pipeline

Southern Access Extension Pipeline

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Pipeline Construction Staking
  • As-Built Survey Data


Working from north to south, Westwood provided pipeline construction staking and as-built survey data services to support the construction of a crude oil pipeline in Illinois.

Survey Crews Take On the Challenging Environment

Initial plans called for surveying during the seasons when the fields would be bare and crop free. However, the project schedule changed and when crews were mobilized, the 26 (two-three person) field crews were tasked to survey in 12-foot high corn and summer rains.

As a result of the conditions, some crews faced falling behind schedule. However, others were able to advance ahead where the environmental conditions were less challenging. Westwood’s team helped ensure project timelines were met by shifting the advancing crews over to assist the crews who were surveying in the tough areas. This scheduling strategy helped keep the project on schedule without incurring additional costs of adding new crews. This streamlining process helped the client save $4-5 million from the original budget.

Quality and Safety Measures Keep the Project Accident Free

Westwood’s culture of quality and safety practices on the job ensured a project with no recordable incidents or accidents. The project team applied quality management processes before, during, and after the project to ensure continual improvement. Westwood’s previous work was analyzed and used to improve process mapping with better detail for both field and office personnel on the project. Formal training with the improved process maps was required prior to sending personnel out into the field which helped clarify roles and responsibilities, reduce confusion, and increase efficiency and safety.

Barcoding for Easy Pipe Location

Westwood’s as-built survey for the project was a data acquisition and survey procedure. This system included barcoding to identify pipe and welds and a POV system to gather and record barcode information to validate the pipeline before it was installed. This system is designed to locate specific segments of pipes in a matter of minutes which helps prevent placing an incorrect segment in the line which saves time and money.

With a project of this magnitude, safety and quality are key. During the periodic quality checks on site, the client found that Westwood was practicing its core mission of continual improvement and innovation to provide overall best practice and safety.