Client Hilcorp, Murphy Oil, Plains All American Pipeline
Location Southern, Texas
Scope Various midstream and pipeline projects

Eagle Ford Basin Projects

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying
  • Environmental
  • Preliminary Surveying
  • Well Staking
  • As-Built Surveys


The Eagle Ford Shale (EFS) may be the largest single economic development in the history of the state of Texas. In November of 2014, research firm, Wood Mackenzie stated that EFS passed the 1 billion-barrel mark for crude and light oil yield. The Eagle Ford Basin is expected to remain at the center of oil and gas development in the south.

The experience of Westwood’s Eagle Ford oil and gas team goes back decades. Having worked extensively in shale fields on midstream and major pipeline projects, we’ve applied our knowledge and expertise on many projects.

  • Gardendale Pipeline
  • Three Rivers Pipeline
  • Tom Gathering Systems North and South
  • 74 Ranch
  • Karnes City

On the Gardendale Pipeline, an estimated $45 million of additional earnings was generated by the client as the result of early operations enabled by Westwood’s strategic approach to permitting for crossing Corpus Christi’s Nueces Bay.

Eagle Ford Basin Expertise

Westwood’s Eagle Ford Basin team has helped clients determine pipeline routes, conduct boundary surveys, create easement plats and exhibits, define the easements on site, and collaborate with the right-of-way team to support landowner negotiations. The team also supports the oil exploration side of production with services which include surveying the proposed well locations and well pads, staking and permit platting for well locations, and platting well pad’s access road easements and rights-of-way.

Working in the Eagle Ford Basin requires careful planning and flexibility. The team is dedicated to minimizing project impact to landowners and businesses during the busy local harvest and hunting seasons, while ensuring schedules are met and the project stays on track.

Boots on the Ground in 48 Hours

With the most current mobile technologies, survey field data is transmitted in the evening and processed in the morning. Strong office support helps to facilitate a quick 48-hour delivery of data, plats, and sketches. Doing so has helped Westwood’s Eagle Ford Basin clients get their projects up and operational more quickly.

Environmental and Cultural Resources Services

Westwood’s environmental scientists, biologists, and archaeologists have completed numerous pipeline projects in the Eagle Ford Basin. Our USACE certified wetland delineators have national experience and have assessed wetlands and waters of the U.S. for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sections 404 and 10 permit requirements.

To ensure compliance, our biologists conduct studies in the Eagle Ford Basin to assess the presence or impacts to listed threatened and endangered species to fulfill Texas Parks and Wildlife requirements and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Section 7 consultation.