Client Kansas City Power and Light
Location Starting in Sibley, Missouri
Scope 145-mile, 345 kV line

Midwest Transmission

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Aerial Surveying, Photography
  • LiDAR Mapping Services


Westwood was hired by KCP&L to provide aerial surveying, photography, and mapping services for a 135-mile portion of the new Sibley to Nebraska City transmission line. The 180-mile, 345 kV project is being constructed in partnership with Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) who is responsible for the 45 miles of line on the Nebraska side of the Missouri River. While the transmission line is a cooperative project between the two utilities, each portion was designed and constructed under separate contracts. As a result, Westwood was also hired by HDR to provide LiDAR mapping services for OPPD’s Nebraska section.

LiDAR for Tight Schedules and Leaf-On Conditions

The Westwood team operated within a tight timeline, which required the aerial survey to be completed during leaf-on conditions. KCP&L accepted our alternative option to use LiDAR-based mapping. Westwood tapped the project team’s considerable experience to classify the point cloud data into relevant survey information, filtering out the redundant data collected. Key data points were input to PLS-CADD and used to generate the data that enabled the client to design and construct the project.

The Westwood team collected a 600’ corridor of data that was used to map the entire transmission line route. Each square meter inside that corridor received a minimum of 25 laser pulses, and each pulse had the potential of generating up to four returns, resulting in a potential 100 LiDAR points per square meter. The density of points provided by LiDAR mapping is sometimes preferred for power line aerial surveys because it provides a better understanding of potential above-ground obstructions.