Client WIN Development, LLC
Location Blaine, Minnesota
Scope 2.2-acre mixed use development on old gas station site

Blaine Retail

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Topographic Surveying
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture


This 2.2-acre lot was the site of a former gas station. Before the mixed-use building could be built on the site, contaminated soils needed to be removed.

Compact Site with Tough Permitting Requirements

Watershed regulations called for rain water infiltration, and contaminated soils made stormwater design difficult in the face of regulations. Due to an unusually wet spring, rains increased the water table which delayed utility work for about two weeks until water levels fell. Although there was just one building, there were three tenants involved and each had its own parking code, so permitting became a long process in fitting into such a compact site.

New Soils and Rain Gardens

To meet watershed requirements and keep costs down for the client, Westwood avoided an expensive underground vaulting system by removing contaminated soils, bringing in new clean soil, designing rain gardens, and augmenting berms for separation over contaminated soils, so plantings could grow and thrive.

Westwood's methodical and collaborative approach with MnDOT, the city, watershed district, client, and tenants led the way through the long permitting processes to gain approvals and keep the project on track.