Client DMB Mesa Proving Grounds, LLC
Location Mesa, Arizona
Scope The Eastmark Great Park ® Master Plan

The Eastmark Great Park ® Master Plan

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Drainage Analysis


Eastmark’s Community Plan Design Guidelines outlines The Eastmark Great Park ® to be a centrally located amenity that connects the numerous neighborhoods and urban cores. It serves as a collection of open space, recreational, educational, civic, and social spaces at the heart of the community. The developed park will include 90-100 acres of developed recreational area and the design will be coordinated and integrated with adjacent community schools, as well as cultural and municipal facilities to expand the park character and image to almost 200 acres.

The Eastmark Great Park ® Master Plan Design Theme and Vision

Westwood planners and landscape architects worked with a DMB task force of community service, planning, and recreational specialists to develop an overall design and vision for the park. The group reviewed numerous local and national successful regional-scale community parks and developed key elements for Westwood to utilize in the development of The Eastmark Great Park ® Master Plan. The key elements and vision of the master plan include:

  • The Eastmark Great Park ® will be a featured urban park, centrally located in the community, comprising of active and passive recreational facilities, turf/native desert washes/wetlands, art, and community facilities.
  • The park design character will be integrated into the development of the adjacent schools, as well as municipal and cultural facilities, to expand the park’s visual boundaries and overall feel into the entire 200 acres.
  • The park will serve as a gathering point for residents from the entire community to enjoy the active and passive recreational facilities.
  • The park will be designed to be a ribbon of turf and desert washes with key-placed nodes to connect to adjacent neighborhoods.
  • The desert washes will be utilized to collect runoff rain, in a practice of “water harvesting” to utilize the water for irrigation purposes.
  • The lake and ponds will be utilized to function as aesthetic amenities and will also filter and store the rain “water-harvested” water for use in irrigation.

The Eastmark Great Park ® plan encapsulates all of the community’s vision points as a destination point for the community and the valley. It is a green belt of activities that is augmented with winding desert washes that transport collected rain water to the wetland/stream and lake system to be environmentally reused for irrigation purposes. The park interlaces symbiotically with adjacent school, and municipal and cultural facilities and will feature ball fields, game courts, volleyball, amphitheaters for art and music enjoyment, splash pads, swimming facilities, biological classrooms, and wetlands for environmental studies.

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