Client DMB Mesa Proving Grounds, LLC
Location Mesa, Arizona
Scope Long-term clean lake design including irrigation system

The Eastmark Great Park ® Water Harvesting

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Civil Engineering


The development of the master plan for The Eastmark Great Park ® focused on the incorporation of streams and lakes throughout the 100 acres. The end result would be enjoyed by residents and visitors from all around the city, serve as a visual backdrop for relaxation and recreation, and provide an irrigation source for the park’s plants and grass areas.

Water Harvesting: Reclaiming Water to Irrigate the Park

As the lead designer of The Eastmark Great Park ®, Westwood was challenged to ensure the entire park and its features functioned together and would provide long-lasting enjoyment for its visitors. Included in this was a plan to irrigate the lawn and keep the lake clean. Faced with a concern that the lake would not be able to handle parking lot and lawn fertilizer contaminants, Westwood developed a “green” solution. A Water Harvesting Plan was designed to collect all of the rain water runoff for irrigation but filter out the contaminants.

The lake serves as a stormwater retention basin to capture water that can be reused as reclaimed irrigation water. To ensure the lake would be replenished and stay clean, Westwood’s team designed an innovative grading and wetland system that would harvest stormwater, filter sediment, and dispatch the water into the lake. As an example, water coming from a parking lot collects in a wetland, or a “first-flush basin”, to filter large sediments, fertilizer, and oils. The filtered materials would settle in the rocky basins while overflow would run into a wetland planting area. This second basin would flush the water a second time, further cleaning the water and enabling clear stormwater to flow into the lake. The water is finally filtered through an irrigation pumping system that delivers the reclaimed water to landscaped areas throughout the park.

Due to its natural functionality and green environmental practice, the water harvesting system behind The Eastmark Great Park ® lake and wetlands is not readily apparent, but its beauty will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

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