Client Doran University LLC (Doran Companies)
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Scope 1-acre, 6-story, 125,000 SF, mixed-use project with underground parking and a 50,000 SF parking lot

Sydney Hall

Project Details

Westwood’s Role 

  • Topographic and Boundary Surveying
  • Civil Engineering, Site Design
  • Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Traffic Study


This mixed-use project next to a historic building near the University of Minnesota included a six-story, 125,000 SF building with five levels of residential, one level of retail, two levels of underground parking, and a 50,000 SF parking lot - all on one acre of land. 

Maximizing Land Use on One Acre

With only an acre of land, getting this project to fit on the site was only one in a series of challenges – parking issues, stormwater regulations, maintaining traffic during construction, and satisfying a neighbor who didn’t want the project to happen.

Westwood maximized the site by creating solutions to meet the city's strict stormwater regulations and used the rooftop as a holding pond to eventually drain into an underground vault. A traffic study was conducted to help maintain traffic on the adjacent street. Westwood worked with the architect to maintain the historic feel and create access to the older building with walkways and an alleyway in back. Good faith efforts with the neighbor on parking issues brought a satisfactory conclusion for both neighborhood and client.