Client Blackard Development Group/Himalyan Ventures
Location McKinney, Texas
Scope 44.5-acre community development with single and multi-family homes, office, retail, medical space, and an assisted-living complex

Adriatica Village

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying 
  • Engineering 
  • Land Planning
  • Water Resources


Adriatica Village is nowhere near being a run-of-the-mill development. Designed to look and feel like a Croatian village, there are many unique features that sometimes required the team to go against regular development practices to make the client’s vision become real. To turn a flat, Texas area into a hilly seaside village, major grading needed to be added to the site. The main thoroughfare has a slope of almost 10 ft. Narrow and curving side roads slow traffic and recreate an old, cluttered town feel. Every building is intentionally more vertical than horizontal, to create a denser community. This mixed-use development has something for everyone, including villas, townhomes, apartments, general and medical offices, along with restaurants and retail shopping.

Unique Features to Take Community to Next Level

Everything about Adriatica was planned and envisioned by the client carefully, so the team needed to connect with that vision and pull out all the stops to make the client's vision become a reality. The bell tower in the center of the community was built upon a raised platform with stairs leading up to its six stories of office space and working bell mechanism. Along with adding grading to the site, the team also completed a reclamation and drudged a canal to create scenic islands for a chapel and a restaurant. The area is a widely coveted destination for weddings.