Client Mecom Construction
Location Mesa, Arizona
Scope 3.1-acre development for 13 commercial units and 55 residential units

West Main Street Villages

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction


Sometimes projects get put on hold, but the community around the site doesn’t freeze in time. Our team started design and construction of West Main Street Villages in 2007. At that point, a light rail project that would border the site was in early planning and was to be included in the conceptual design. While the Villages project was on hold in 2008 and 2009, the light rail project moved forward, without making use of the conceptual plan for the area. 

When the project was picked up again in 2015, many aspects needed to be redesigned. Much of the underground storage and retention for the site had been constructed previously, but it needed to be relocated, reconstructed, and retested. The original design connected the piping with the street system, but that system had been moved during light rail construction. Hardscapes and site access needed to be rethought, as well. It was intended to have parking along the street with the light rail, but that was no longer an option as landscape islands and a traffic light had been installed. Additionally, the team had designed a turn-out from the site that went over the light rail tracks, but now the street was setup only for right-hand turns. 

Being flexible when creating new plans made sure that this project moved forward. Currently under construction now, West Main Street Village will be a prime mixed-use development with 13 commercial units and over 50 townhome and condo residential units whose residents can make use of the nearby light rail.