Client KDAK, LLC
Location Minot, North Dakota
Scope Phase 1, 17-acres of a 300-acre, multi-phased residential development; 22 apartments and 14 twin homes

Southwest Crossing

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Surveying, Platting, Construction Staking
  • Civil Engineering, Site Design


The fast-paced and quickly changing landscape in the Bakken requires responsiveness, communication, and organization. After experiencing some project setbacks, KDAK hired Westwood to bring this apartment and multi-family development back on track. The client had previously worked with Westwood and was confident the team was capable of meeting the demands required in the challenging North Dakota environment.

Keeping the Project on Schedule

Southwest Crossing was typical for a development in the area. Maps and information were often out of date, infrastructure was not always complete, and materials were scarce. Westwood’s experience helped navigate the myriad of challenges.

Demand for housing and services had overwhelmed governing bodies of cities like Minot, making it difficult to keep up with requests. Delays were unavoidable unless teams were persistent for city response and approval. Knowing this, Westwood’s project team took the necessary steps to keep the project on schedule.

Previously gathered soil data was difficult to obtain. One result of that gap was the discovery of poorer than anticipated soils at the site. To avoid project delays, Westwood responded by adjusting plans during the initial phase of construction to require less fill and, after evaluating the grades, lowered the site to solve the problem.