Client Life Care Services, Des Moines, IA
Location Plymouth, Minnesota
Scope 46-acre, 914,000 SF, 300-unit senior living community

Trillium Woods

Project Details

Westwood’s Role

  • Land Planning
  • ALTA Surveying, Topographic Surveying, Construction Surveying
  • Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering
  • Obtaining Entitlements and Governmental Approvals
  • Environmental Permitting, Tree Inventory, Wetland Delineations
  • Construction Observation and Coordination
  • LEED Certification


This 914,000-SF, 300-unit, upscale senior-living community sits on 46 acres of woods and wetlands. The site needed rezoning from single-family to a planned unit development.

Successful Entitlements and Approvals

Westwood managed the complex entitlement and approval process, which included rezoning, PUD approval, tree preservation, wetland impacts, shoreland preservation, regional trail extension, county road access with signalization, and watershed permitting in multiple districts. 

Westwood was able to address neighborhood concerns while keeping the project on an aggressive entitlement schedule. One example of success with the neighborhood included the separation of local traffic and construction access to the site. An adjacent existing roadway was reserved for the neighborhood, ensuring safe and uninterrupted access for the public. An existing site access was utilized to keep the job site safe and clear of non-construction traffic.

In addition to the entitlement, permitting, and public coordination efforts for this site, Westwood provided leadership in securing roadway and utility easements with adjacent landowners and coordinated a complex land exchange with both the city and the regional parks district. The project owner was required to obtain the needed access and utility easements privately.  Westwood contributed with construction costs, easement documents, and the coordination with appraisal and legal professionals.