February 10, 2021

Joey Vossen Recognized as TCB's 2021 Notable General Counsel

Westwood would like to congratulate Joey Vossen for being recognized as one of Twin City Business' (TCB's) 2021 Notable General Counsel. TCB’s notable series honors the best-of-the-best across a range of industries. Those who are nominated for this recognition are professionals who help set legal precedents, win cases of national significance, found and manage firms, and mentor the next level of leaders, all while finding time to give back to their communities.

Joey, Vice President, General Counsel, has led Westwood’s legal team for over ten years. After beginning her career in politics, Joey pivoted to law school while also pursuing a master’s degree in urban planning. Joey says, “I became an attorney to be an advocate. While we are inter-connected as an ecosystem of humans, how we live and experience the environment is not equal. I studied the law and planning to lean into the connected nature of land and lived experience.”

Today, being an advocate comes in many forms. Joey holds multiple roles as a General Counsel. She also recently completed a two-year term chairing the nonprofit Environmental Initiative (“EI”), a MN-based non-profit with a mission to address social equity and environmental health through collaborative partnerships.

Although being an advocate has its challenges, Joey appreciates every opportunity to help people make sense of the law. “I love demystifying legal language or regulations, particularly when a project manager claims, they ‘don’t read legal,’” says Joey. “It is about giving our employees power over the language, so they understand the impact on their project and can better analyze risk.  I end up using quite a few analogies and enjoy bringing humor to them.”

As Joey continues to mentor the importance of contracts and legal obligations, she sees a future of pivoting towards flex. “The legal industry has a reputation as a whole to be rigid in its premise; based on legal precedent,” says Joey. “There is an opportunity within that construct to hold multiple truths in our actions and interactions, to center equity, justice, and how we navigate our lived experiences together, how are we impacted by how the law is applied.”

Joey most prides the legal team’s ability to advocate for multiple stakeholders- the project manager, the client, and the company - all while delivering prompt business advice. In building any team, Joey stresses the importance of hiring and recruiting people smarter than her. She trains them to lead. “My greatest career goal is to illustrate and live critical collaboration over competition,” says Joey.

Congratulations Joey! We are grateful you are on the Westwood team!

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