May 28, 2020

Meet Nate Carlson, PS, CFedS

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Photo of Nathan Carlson Photo of Nathan Carlson

Emerging technologies, a tight labor market, and a diverse mix of clients all bring challenges to Nate Carlson’s job as Westwood’s Director of Land Survey Service, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I think it’s exciting to be part of a profession that is constantly evolving, and I enjoy finding new ways to provide improved products and services to our clients and communities,” says Nate.

With over 17 years of experience in land surveying, Nate manages the surveying teams within Westwood’s Land Division. Projects include those in the public and private sector markets within the Twin Cities metro area, as well as across the country. Projects range from legal descriptions and boundary and topographic surveys to ALTA surveys, title disputes, and subdivision plats.

“Because Westwood is a large, diversified company, I have had the opportunity to provide my experience on a wide range of projects,” he explains. “One day I may be providing services for a small rural boundary survey and the next day I may be working on a complex urban ALTA survey or remonumentation for a large wind farm project. Every day offers something new.”

In addition to managing survey projects, Nate is constantly keeping abreast of new and changing technologies. New technologies provide efficiencies on projects and also provide greater accuracy and safety. For example, drones are now used by survey professionals to collect data for orthomosaic imagery, topographic mapping, and volume calculations.

Blog Meet Nate Carlson aerial project shot Blog Meet Nate Carlson aerial project shot

“Technology will continue to influence the ways we get work done,” notes Nate. “What once seemed impossible is now becoming mainstream, like drones, robotics, terrestrial scanning, and virtual reality. While the core principles of the profession have remained unchanged, it’s exciting to leverage these new technologies which help us do our jobs better and safer, while also saving our clients’ time and money.”

Balancing the demand for technology, mentoring internal teams, and fulfilling clients’ needs is what makes Nate’s job so rewarding. “When I can, I enjoy getting out into the field and getting my hands dirty, but I also enjoy solving our clients’ problems, and providing leadership for our teams," says Nate. “By having the opportunity to contribute on projects across our market sectors and throughout the country, I have become a more experienced and better-informed land surveyor.”

While away from his work as a surveyor, Nate enjoys picking up his guitar and tapping into his dream as a heavy metal rock star!

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