May 14, 2021

Meet New Westwood Associate Pat Steenburg

Photo of Patrick Steenburg Photo of Patrick Steenburg

Get to know our newest associates! We are excited to have them on our team and helping to lead Westwood forward. The associate designation at Westwood represents a team member who provides considerable value to the firm through their leadership traits and technical expertise.

Pat Steenburg, Director, Land Survey Services at Westwood, is nominated as a 2021 associate. He joins 25 of his colleagues in earning the distinction given to employees who dedicate themselves to Westwood’s future.

Pat is based out of Westwood’s Englewood, Colorado, office. He is committed to Westwood’s core values and achieving success through innovation and communication within his team, clients, and beyond. “I encourage and support everyone I work with to strive for higher achievement, innovation, and greater responsibility in their personal and professional lives,” says Pat.

He continues, “I also strive to manage and maintain a culture of communication, reliability, and effective service delivery while always representing Westwood with professionalism, integrity, and good humor.”

Pat is motivated in his work by seeing a project be successful, from both an internal and external perspective. “Our willingness as a company to experiment with new technologies and procedures, and allow and encourage our team members to be creative in their application, ultimately provides a great deal of value to our clients. It shows in our projects and in the communities we live in,” says Pat.

Part of being an associate means that you drive and support the company culture in all that you do. Pat says being an associate allows him a chance to help lead by example by emphasizing company culture.

He says, “Being an associate is playing a larger role as an ambassador and advocate for Westwood and all that it represents. We are constantly striving to provide quality customer service, expanded service offerings, or personal or professional growth opportunities for team members.”

As for advice to people early in their career, Pat encourages people to take advantage of the opportunities Westwood provides them. “Cross-training, tuition assistance, volunteerism, national networking, and workshare opportunities. These all represent stepping-stones for personal and professional growth and development.

Congratulations, Pat, and thank you for your contributions to our team.

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