October 27, 2020

Meet One of Westwood’s 2020 Culture Ambassadors, Jarris Bergherr

Jarris Bergherr 2

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, top mentors, tops client champions, and culture ambassadors. Jarris Bergherr is one of our award winners. Here is a sneak peek at why she loves being part of the team.

“It’s the people by far, all the different personalities and insights,” says Safety and HR Manager, Jarris Bergherr, when asked what she enjoys most about working at Westwood. To her, team cohesion is about coming together and sharing personal and professional stories and enjoying a good laugh. It is the people who have also helped Jarris build lasting memories.

When asked about some of these favorite memories, Jarris could not recount a favorite. She said some of her best memories have been made when teammates gather with no specific agenda in mind other than to help each other and have fun doing it. The number of memories and teammates has exponentially grown during Jarris’ five years at Westwood.

Jarris reminisced on how the team has more than doubled since she started. When asked about the future, she anticipates the growth will not stop anytime soon.

Jarris remains focused on doing the best job she can at the highest quality. For this reason, integrity speaks the most to her as a core value. She appreciates the strong moral principles that Westwood and employees have.

Congratulations Jarris! We are thankful you are on the Westwood team.

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