November 10, 2020

Meet One of Westwood’s 2020 Top Client Champions, Yen Lai

Yen Lai_w

Each year, Westwood’s company awards acknowledge the contributions of top project managers, mentors, client champions, and culture ambassadors. Yen Lai is one of our award winners. Learn more about Yen’s leadership style and why he values relationships.

Yen has always known that he wanted to be part of the land development industry. When an engineer-in-training position became available on the Westwood San Antonio team three years ago, Yen was able to make the transition. Now, as an assistant project manager, Yen applies the experience he has gained across four industries to his role. His unique background has made him comfortable with the unknown and quick to adapt.

During his ten-year career, Yen learned the importance of servitude leadership. “When you look at the project as a whole, managers are the hub of information. It is our job to make sure both the team and clients have the pieces in place that they need to see a project through successfully. From this perspective, the importance of our role is servitude to our team,” says Yen. Yen best serves his team by bringing positive and upbeat energy to the office every day.

When asked about what value speaks most to him, Yen said relationships. Yen’s mentality has always been focused on employee and client satisfaction. Yen believes that this core value is the catalyst for all of Westwood’s core values. Yen’s focus on strong relationships helps him bring his best self to any situation.

The relationships Yen has built are also what he enjoys most about his job. “Without these genuine employee and client relationships, we wouldn’t have the success we do,” says Yen.

Congratulations Yen! We are thankful you are on the Westwood team.

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