July 7, 2021

Mentorship at Westwood

Our Team Values Our Team Values

Mentorship is an important part of our growth as individuals and has been part of our Westwood culture and values for many years. It helps us learn from each other's experiences, think of new and innovative ideas, and build strong relationships. Mentorship can mean many different things to different people. It can focus on technical skill development, professional skills and behavior development, and leadership development.

The Purpose of Mentorship at Westwood

The purpose of mentorship is to build a relationship focused on learning, growing, and networking.  It is a partnership where guidance is provided by a mentor who has the knowledge, education, experience, and resources to share with the mentee as they explore new careers, new skills, and/or life goals. Mentorship is a two-way street where mentors can often learn from their mentees through the process too.

Career Growth Through Mentorship

Mentorship is important for career growth for many reasons. It can help you understand career opportunities and expectations of leadership, which is important from a developmental standpoint. It also provides concrete examples of how to navigate common business challenges and situations. 

Mentorship can be viewed as a window to the future that provides a pathway to the attainment of goals you set for yourself. Increasing your technical knowledge and gaining new perspectives on strategies for accomplishing your goals can make a huge impact on your career trajectory and inspire you in many ways.

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