November 30, 2018

Steve Manhart Elected to TPCB

Steve Manhart landscape Steve Manhart landscape

On January 1, 2019, Steve Manhart will join twelve other transportation professionals as directors on the Transportation Professional Certification Board (TPCB). He will serve as Organizational Director for a 3-year term. Steve’s dedication to improving his professional industry is admirable, and Westwood celebrates his efforts!

As Westwood’s Transportation Service Leader, Steve is a certified PTOE and PTP. These certifications assure clients that they are receiving the highest professional and ethical levels of service from Westwood in traffic engineering projects. As Organizational Director for TPCB, Steve will provide direction and leadership in the testing and certification of transportation professionals. By promoting these certification programs, Steve is helping to improve traffic engineering services nationally. 

TPCB offers certification programs that expand upon a Professional Engineering license and demonstrate requisite specialty knowledge and skill in traffic operations engineering. The certifications include:

  • Professional Traffic Operations Engineer® (PTOE)
  • Professional Transportation Planner® (PTP)
  • Road Safety Professional (RSP)

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