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Electrical Wind Electrical Wind

Electrical Engineering

for Power Projects

Let’s face it. Your project’s not a project until you can get the electrons from Point A to Point B, efficiently and safely. Whether your generator is a solar module, wind turbine, or battery, we have the expertise you need to design the project to match your requirements, providing seamless integration with the balance of plant or grid.

With broad experience, both geographically and technologically, our electrical engineers provide a deep understanding of equipment options and the national, state, and local codes which govern your project. By continually researching new technologies and methods, and working closely across disciplines in project teams, Westwood’s electrical designers are experts in optimizing designs, building safe projects, and maximizing project returns.

AC Electrical Design

From the inverter to the grid, starting with the interconnection application through construction support, our engineers are proactive and dedicated to finding the solutions needed to get your project online. To complete the AC electrical design, Westwood provides medium- and low-voltage collection design, equipment specifications, grounding design, and trenching specs. We can handle the interconnection applications and studies, and for DG and community solar projects, even provide protective relay settings.

DC Electrical Design

The constant flow of energy from generator to inverter requires a smooth and efficient collection design. Working together with surveying and civil engineering project staff, we can develop a detailed equipment plan and cable route layout that avoids known encumbrances such as wetlands, cultural sites, steep slopes, easements, and construction limits, in order to optimize design and reduce the amount of field changes.

If you need design efficient array layouts on sites ranging from flat prairie to rugged hillsides, using CAD, Helios 3D, and SunDAT, we do that too. We’ll also help with the string and DC collection design, inverter block and subarray coordination, equipment specs (such as combiner boxes, harnesses, and CAB systems), inverter design, trenching, and grounding details.

SCADA/Control/Security System Design

We value clean and direct communication for our project teams and your project’s SCADA. Designing in conjunction with AC and DC plans, we make sure each wire, meter, and weather station has its place. Working together with your SCADA, communications, and security/lighting providers, along with the utility, we integrate the routing and power needs for your sensors and infrastructure into the larger electrical design.

Electrical Studies

Each project is unique in its challenges and aspects requiring additional scrutiny. With a suite of studies to investigate everything under the sun on your project, we can dig in and find places to enhance design, mitigate risks, and meet required standards.

Our team uses a suite of software options to provide standard electrical studies (PVsyst, load flow, coordination, short circuit, grounding, arc flash) and specialized ones (reactive power, reflectivity and glare, transient overvoltage), depending on the project requirements.

Construction Support

Throughout construction, we communicate regularly with the contractor to make sure everything goes according to plan. We are readily available to respond to field questions and provide updated IFC drawings. During construction we can make regular site visits for observation and installation verification, or specialized visits for services such as IV curve testing or IR scanning.

Following completion, we revise our plans with any redlines so that record drawings accurately display the built project. We can also calculate energy production and verify system performance based on national standards.

3rd Party Engineering

Fresh eyes on a design can help find those opportunities for improvements, as well as identify potential areas of concern. At Westwood, we have a dynamic quality management program and are willing to bring our experts in to provide detailed reviews and value engineering of your plan sets, installation logs, and test results.

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Doug Mutcher, PE, LEED AP
Director, Electrical Engineering Services

“My wife and I enjoy the outdoors and spending a good deal of time hiking, biking, and inline skating, as well as enjoying the wildlife that frequent the pond and woods in our backyard. We value the beauty of nature, so I’m honored to be involved with the design of some of the largest solar and wind farms across the country that are leading the way to protect the beauty that nature has to offer. It’s a good feeling to be supporting future generations by implementing these clean power technologies.”

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