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Field Services

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A collaboration hub of Westwood technology and expertise – engineering, GIS, construction services – our field services team is dedicated to supplying clients all the information needed for quick and clean decision-making, and then moving forward to tackle what needs doing next. In-depth pre-construction field studies allow us to design smarter for wind, solar, and power delivery projects, and clear construction data management makes crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s easy all the way through post-construction.

Pile Load Testing

Solar arrays and transmission line towers must produce and transmit energy day after day and remain unaffected by the forces of nature, such as gale-force winds, floods, snow and rain, and earthquakes. Structurally sound projects that are able to handle whatever is blown their way protect your investment and ensure smooth operation.

Pile load tests improve our understanding of the subsurface, resulting in leaner foundation designs and reduced material and install costs. Working in conjunction with geotechnical engineering and foundation design, we can greatly streamline the design process, resulting in shorter schedules and more optimized designs.

We perform:

  • Axial tensile load tests
  • Lateral load tests
  • Axial compressive load tests

Utility Discovery

Unidentified underground utilities can stop construction and are a significant risk for projects located in regions with dense oil and gas infrastructure. While an important part of the due diligence process, current ALTA survey standards don’t guarantee the identification of all underground utilities. The solution we’ve found to greatly minimize risk on these projects includes getting our professional surveyors and engineers in touch with key utility stakeholders early, building working relationships and a utility locating process that benefits everyone.

Utility discovery results:

  • Real-time project design updates based on field findings
  • Complete geodatabase of utility and design information
  • Physical demarcation at each crossing point prior to construction

Construction Services and Technology

For time-efficient data management and progress tracking, our site specialists come to the field with extensive skills, knowledge, and technology. Committed to delivering the best construction observation and coordination possible, we focus on clear communication with our clients so timely decisions are made that keep the project on schedule and within budget.

Construction technology specialists are FAA certified drone pilots with proficiency in advanced GPS equipment as well as a solid background in engineering and construction. Our quality specialists are knowledgeable in the many construction aspects related to your project and will monitor construction activities for compliance with the project’s engineering, environmental, safety, and contractual requirements.

GIS Data Collection Platform

Combining drone aerial imagery, real-time site observations, construction progress, field changes, non-conformances, and punch list items – all georeferenced – into one effective dashboard creates one seriously efficient tool. Available to the entire project team, the dashboard cleanly displays real-time construction progress tracking compared to project schedules, and the platform handily compiles field changes and notes on the go, for accurate as-built records down the road.

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Meet the Team Leader
Evan Zik, PE
Field Services Manager

"I truly enjoy the outdoors, which is why I am glad to be part of the Field Services group. Being part of this team is unique as it allows me to break up the monotony of the office and get outside to support our clients in the field. The opportunity to travel to various project sites for work is a huge benefit to the job. The war stories from the field I return with are an added bonus (sometimes you have to call a towing company to come out with a Jeep Cherokee with paddle tires because you’re trapped in the desert sand in 120+ degrees, 4+ miles from the nearest road). It is easy to take the good with the bad when you enjoy your job and feel like you’re making a difference in the world. I look forward to the field opportunities yet to come."

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