Power Delivery

Power Delivery

Safely supporting our infrastructure

Responsive teamwork, quality-ensured processes, and dedication can make it happen. We have proof. Through frozen wetlands, scorched deserts, and rich farmland, we have safely navigated thousands of miles of corridor, on schedule and within budget.


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Transmission Transmission

Transmission is the backbone of our energy infrastructure. We understand this and combine tried and true methods with the latest technology to get the job done. Regardless of project size, we go the extra mile to make sure all parties involved are satisfied. 

Submarket_Distribution Submarket_Distribution

If Transmission is the backbone, distribution systems are the nerves delivering power to every part of the network. Our experienced team is able to navigate site constraints and regulatory requirements to ensure a successful project.

Power delivery submarket substation Power delivery submarket substation

Our engineering team is proud to have designed projects for some of the nation’s large electric utilities. We have the expertise to execute projects from a single breaker replacement to an entirely new greenfield substation. 

The proof is in our work

If you'd like to see how Westwood’s professionals apply their talent, take a look at some of the projects we've done across the country.

Collaborative solutions

Innovative ideas appear at the crossroads of expertise. When we blend our in-house talents and share knowledge, the results are streamlined development processes and unique, cost-saving practices.

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Meet the Team Leader
Dan Baggiani, PE
Vice President, Power Delivery

“ I’ve always been fascinated with building things, it likely started with my first set of Legos that inspired my desire to study engineering, and ultimately lead me into the power delivery field. I love being a part of modernizing our country’s infrastructure, working alongside our clients, and partnering to provide meaningful solutions. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two kids as well as camping, traveling, hiking, and volunteering for mission projects. ”

Dan Baggiani_Power Delivery Dan Baggiani_Power Delivery
Behind the Scenes
See what it's like to work on our team

We get up and get going with a passion for what we do every day, and it feels good to know that we are making a difference. With 12 different services to support four unique markets in Power, we have the ability to reach across the hall for specialized professional input, while also building strong relationships and new friends across our team. We are a family, working toward the same end goal, which is to advance the world’s energy infrastructure for a better tomorrow!  Watch the video and see for yourself.

Staff Licenses and Registrations
Chances are, we're in your state

Broadly registered and licensed across the country, we can be on-site quickly to help get things done, with a scalable team and multi-disciplined support.

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With broad coverage and local expertise, we can go almost anywhere to meet our clients' needs.

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