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Environmental issues span wetlands, wildlife, plant ecology, cultural resources, visual issues, and more. This span requires a broad array of experts, well-versed in the ever-growing body of regulations and key species of concern, who understand that quality environmental studies create confidence for project sponsors and regulatory decision makers.

As a national leader in natural resource studies and environmental permitting, we have the experience to know what’s truly needed, providing appropriately scoped studies that address issues and advance projects. Innovative and scalable solutions arise through Westwood’s multi-disciplinary approach and our foundation in GIS and data management tools.

Facility Permitting

Securing permits is a critical step for financing and construction. Whether federal, state, or local permits are needed for the full project or just wetland impacts, staying on top of regulation updates and regional key issues helps us to obtain practical permitting conditions and timely permits to keep projects moving forward.

Due Diligence

Retire risk and liability through effective due diligence with Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). Compiling the varied information needed to prepare an effective ESA requires broad expertise and multi-discipline support, and ESAs are just the first step to properly supporting energy development projects. Our knowledgeable due diligence team provides insights on greenfield sites and helps facilitate prompt financial closings as construction approaches.

Wetlands and Natural Resource Studies

Minimizing construction and post-construction impacts to wetlands and our natural resources is to everyone’s advantage. Through field surveys, our environmental experts analyze wetlands and hydrology as well as community composition and critical habitats and outline the potential impacts. Working with the design team, we can then optimize the site around wetland constraints and resource impact concerns.

Wildlife Studies

Accurate and scientifically defensible data is critical for advancing projects in the current regulatory regime. We’re your data collection experts when it comes to birds, bats, and all manner of ground critters. Specializing in impact-mitigating solutions, we help identify sensitive ecological communities and habitats to optimize field efforts and early-stage project development budgets.

Anticipating both regulatory and third party issues of concern allows us to recognize priorities amongst various threatened and endangered species, native habitats, migration corridors, communal nesting and roosting areas, and the potential for avian and bat mortality. Our scientists are then well-positioned to conduct rigorous analysis that will support effective reports and review with regulatory agencies.

Cultural Resources

Often invisible, especially to the untrained eye, cultural resources and their regulations can involve unanticipated risks. By approaching projects as business endeavors instead of academic exercises, our knowledgeable archaeologists and cultural resource professionals can help you properly evaluate those risks and create a plan early to minimize impacts and unnecessary costs. We commonly are able to limit investigation areas based on the regulatory authority of the agency driving the assessment process.

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"Growing up on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minnesota (Land of 10,000 Lakes), my love of water was cultivated from a very young age. Summers are still spent on the water; fishing and swimming with my kids, wife, and long-time friends. I bring my passion for the outdoors to the office where I am fortunate to work on amazing wind and solar farms that are truly engineering marvels."

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