Substation Engineering

Substation Engineering Substation Engineering
Substation Design Substation Design
Substation Engineering Capabilities Substation Engineering Capabilities

Substation Engineering

for Power Projects

Agility is our niche. Building and upgrading substation solutions demands a flexible and forward-thinking approach to meet the energy needs of tomorrow. From breaker replacements to large-scale greenfield projects, our team has the expertise to tackle a wide range of substation projects and voltages within the power delivery and clean energy markets.

Building trust through quality service is our primary focus. Our flexibility and efficiency enable us to exceed expectations.

Substation Design

The energy challenges we face today will drive the solutions we build tomorrow. No problem is too big or too small. Our experienced team can build modern design solutions as well as innovative upgrades and expansions on greenfield and existing infrastructure. The result? Improved performance and reliability for the evolving needs of the world we live in.

Determine the feasibility of an idea or solution, and bring it to life

Start a new site build to client & industry standards

Upgrade or modify an existing site built to set standards while tying into, and functioning with, the older design practices.


Westwood can work with you from beginning to end, managing your project, and limiting the need for additional consultants. As your one-stop-shop for engineering and design, we make sure each part of your project is cohesive and streamlined. We make it our priority to thoroughly evaluate your project scope to deliver innovative and future-focused solutions.

Partner with Westwood and gain a new perspective and robust list of skills to compliment your project from beginning to end.

  • Physical Design
  • Protection & Control Design
  • System Protection and Control
  • Civil Structural Design
  • Civil Site Services
  • Environmental Planning
  • Major Equipment Specifications
  • Grounding & Lightning Studies
  • Battery and Station Service Sizing
  • Technical Procurement Support
  • Vendor Drawing Validation
  • Technical Construction Support
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With several offices and professional expertise in nearly all of the US, we have what it takes to support wind, solar, energy storage, and power delivery projects across the country. 

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