College Students

Get a head-start on a promising future

Whether you are looking to get experience while in college or just beginning your career journey, be part of a team that sees the bigger picture in every project. Our positions immerse you in projects across the country and provide ample opportunity for a variety of hands-on experiences. We hire interns and college graduates across our divisions and in all our services.


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Westwood employees study the landscape while at a project site. Westwood employees study the landscape while at a project site.
Internships: What to Expect
We invest in our people

Quality internships are key to a young professional’s education. Interning with a firm that fits your career goals creates a variety of opportunity to network, gain valuable expertise, and be introduced to your career field. At Westwood, we fully integrate our interns with project staff, and provide networking opportunities and soft skill training. You will contribute to projects that will set the foundation for your career.

Real project work

Work alongside professional teams to create solutions for projects for clients across our markets.

Multi-disciplinary exposure

Gain exposure to unique services and specialties that will expand your knowledge beyond your field of study. This creates a truly individualized experience.

Resume-building experience

Experience creates a strong resume. Whether your passion lies in the office, out in the field, or working directly with clients, we have opportunities that will help you grow.   

Relatable mentors

Pair up with professionals having similar backgrounds and interests to help you learn, answer questions, and gain the support you need to thrive.  

Co-op Opportunities

Westwood offers 3- and 6-month co-ops to provide a more comprehensive opportunity. This experience can include traveling to various project sites.

Internship Experience

Join a cohort of interns across all office locations to learn soft skills, network, and have fun! Summer internships include group trainings and activities that bring all interns together.

College Graduates
Our Future

A college graduate with a well-rounded internship experience is of great value to Westwood. We have many opportunities for college graduates ready to begin their careers. Learn and grow along industry professionals. We hire:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Field Services Engineers
  • CAD Specialists
  • Land Surveyors
  • Environmental Scientists
  • GIS Specialists
  • Aerial Mapping Specialists
  • Land Architects and Planners
  • Business Professionals
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be traveling for work?

There is opportunity for travel during your time with us. This travel could be to project sites or one of our 23 offices across the country.

Does Westwood offer flexible hours?

We believe that a flexible, balanced lifestyle is positive for you and Westwood, so we do our best to make every situation work.

Is Westwood participating in events on my campus?

Westwood visits 30+ colleges and universities across the country every year. Check back for an updated list of our college visit dates.  

What am I expected to know?

We will teach you about Westwood, the industry, and the job through training and mentoring. All you need to bring is the motivation to learn and apply your skills.

How much will I work on my own?

It’s a good balance, averaging 50/50. Westwood projects are team oriented. You will have guidance on individual tasks and work with a team to solve problems as they arise.

How does the application and interview process work?

The application process varies. After submitting a resume, the team will review your application. If they feel you are a good fit, we will initiate a conversation to ensure a mutually beneficial match.