We bring like-minded people together to create better outcomes

Doing exceptional work to keep our clients satisfied is a big job, and we thrive on that. We're always looking ahead, searching for ways to improve our processes and ways we serve our clients, which requires energy, creativity, and commitment. Westwood people are all unique in their expertise and we share common values. We seek talented, like-minded people to join our team because that’s what it takes to do great things.

Our team values relationships, innovation, dedication, initiative, and growth. This is Westwood's Core Value statement.

Westwood employees collaboratively work on a project at a computer workstation. Westwood employees collaboratively work on a project at a computer workstation.
At Westwood, You Can Make a Difference
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Create desirable communities that thrive

Get involved in the big picture of communities, building safe and effective neighborhoods and the systems and infrastructure that make it all work.  

Renewables Renewables
Advance our sustainable energy systems

Join a team that helps build a more resilient energy grid by designing tomorrow’s renewable energy and power projects across the country. This growing team is continuously exploring energy trends, innovating new technologies, and making a difference in the community.


Westwood teammates study paperwork diligently. Westwood teammates study paperwork diligently.
Help run an effective and efficient business

Work on a corporate team and help keep Westwood operating like a well-oiled machine. HR, Finance, Communications, Legal, and IT are just a few functions that service the big engine.

Meet Kellin Collins, PE
Project Manager, Water Resources

Kellin designs systems that manage dangerous flood water to protect life and property. Her passion for what she does keeps her coming in to work each day. Working with a team of senior- and entry-level designers, they collaborate, brainstorm, and find innovative ways to address design constraints and challenging terrain to ensure safe and long-lasting communities. 

Westwood's dedication to supporting and growing the passions of its employees is something Kellin appreciates. She says, "The management team understands that the growth of the individual is the growth of the company. Our success is the company's success." Learning new things and building expertise brings new ideas to projects, and Kellin knows that her ideas will be heard and vetted in their potential to provide better client service. 

I get my energy from the people on my team. They come to work smiling and ready to be a part of something that protects and sustains communities.

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