Westwood GIVES

At the heart of it all,

we care.

Giving is at the core of who we are. Westwood GIVES enables us to give to causes around the globe that enrich the lives of those we serve, engage others within our industries, and create a lasting impact on communities around the world. 

Westwood GIVES represents the heart of our employees. We give our time, talent, and treasure because we care. 

Gives Gives
Our goal is to enrich, engage, and impact our world.
Enrich Enrich

The health and wellbeing of children, veterans, and the elderly are of the utmost importance to Westwood. We provide financial support in the search for effective therapies and cures for chronic illness and disease. Westwood GIVES also supports organizations and specific events that provide sustenance, clothing, and shelter for veterans and their families. 

gives gives

Supporting our professional industries and education system is crucial to the future of Westwood. We fund scholarships in our communities for students pursuing a variety of professional and technical fields. We also support STEM programming at the high school level to expose students to potential career paths and professions that enhance their future and the future of those around them. 

Westwood staff who volunteer for Engineer's Without Borders traveled to Guatemala to work on projects. Westwood staff who volunteer for Engineer's Without Borders traveled to Guatemala to work on projects.

Our professional expertise combined with our passion for giving naturally leads to Westwood professionals designing and building structures to serve the needs of others around the world. We build homes, schools, and infrastructure to support disadvantaged communities and families. To Westwood, the greatest service we can provide is that of improving the lives of human beings. 

We make it personal

With so many opportunities to help others, it can be tough deciding where to offer up our time, talent, and giving dollars. Knowing that many of us have a cause that we care deeply about, it just makes sense that Westwood's employees get to choose. Together, we clean up, build, and rebuild; cook, feed, and serve; run, swim, and bike; donate, fundraise, and do whatever it takes! We focus on supporting children, disease research and cures, homelessness, and hunger. We give to civic organizations such as military veterans, police, firefighters, and more. And, we support our professions with scholarships.

It feels good when giving is personal.