When thinking about hiring drone services for a project, there are some topics that should be considered. Drones add many new possibilities, but they aren't right for every project. The size, scope, and unique site features of a project may not match a drone's capabilities. The project may also have specific data requirements that can't be met with a drone. The person operating the drone also makes a difference. A professional pilot is FAA certified, has insurance, and is an experienced land surveyor. A certifited pilot knows about air and land regulations, and an experienced surveyor knows the land and how to provide accurate survey data. Westwood pilots are in constant contact with our in-house photogrammetrists and engineers, ensuring the necessary project data is obtained. 

Before hiring a drone pilot, consider the project's needs and what the pilot can truly offer. If there's any uncertainty, Westwood can help. 

Contact us with any questions, or to hire a licensed pilot.