Substation Engineering

Substation Engineering

Boosting power to the grid

Designing and upgrading substations demands a flexible and forward-thinking approach to meet the energy needs of tomorrow. Our team has the expertise needed to tackle a wide range of substation projects and voltages within the power and renewable industries. 

Substation regulating voltage changes between transmission and distribution systems to bring power to homes and businesses. Substation regulating voltage changes between transmission and distribution systems to bring power to homes and businesses.
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We build effective solutions for our clients that maximize substation performance, reliability, and value. Our experienced team can build modern substation designs and innovative upgrades on large-scale greenfield projects and existing infrastructure.  

Core Expertise
  • Physical Layout and Design through 765 kV
  • Protection and Controls
  • Civil Structural Design
  • Civil Site Services
  • Environmental Planning
  • Major Equipment Specifications and Replacement
  • Grounding and Lightning Studies
  • Battery and Station Service Sizing
  • Permitting
  • Technical Procurement Support
  • Vendor Drawing Validation
  • Technical Construction Support
  • Arrangement Drawings
  • One-Line Diagrams
  • Rigid Bus Calculations
  • Sag-Tension Calculations
  • Panel Layouts
  • Steel Design & Fabrication Details
  • Deep and Shallow Foundations
  • Wiring Design
  • Short Circuit Studies
  • Lightning Protection Design
  • Ground Grid Design
Substation Engineering Projects
Utility Greenfield 34.5/12 kV Substation

Client: Investor-Owned Utility
Scope: Conceptual and detailed design of a greenfield 34.5/12.47 kV substation

Renewable 69/34.5kV Collector Substation

Client: Confidential Solar
Scope: Greenfield design of 69 kV switchyard and 69/34.5 kV collector substation.

Facility Rating Review and Updates

Client: Investor-Owned Utility
Scope: Assess as-built conditions and collect data 

12 kV Underground Getaway to Overhead

Scope: 12 kV underground substation getaway replacement

Substation Structural Steel and Foundation Standards

Client: Investor-Owned Utility
Scope: Review and development of substation steel and foundation standards

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