Wind Energy

Projects like this are a massive undertaking. Solutions across many services mean we can get your wind project operating quickly. Projects like this are a massive undertaking. Solutions across many services mean we can get your wind project operating quickly.
Wind Energy 

The transition to a sustainable energy future is happening everywhere – and wind is a part of it. We are in a decade of deployment as we accelerate towards 2030 sustainable energy and decarbonization goals. While there is more clarity than ever, the challenges are many – transmission capacity, supply chain, staffing shortages, scaling, and repowering nuances. Westwood provides your team stability, industry experience, and trusted deliverables, to help bring your projects across the finish line.   

Trusted Industry Leader

Since 1997, our team has provided the wind energy industry with siting, permitting, engineering, and surveying expertise you can trust. We seamlessly collaborate across our full-service teams to find the most cost-effective solutions. Whether your project is GW-scale, a repower, or a hybrid, our team can identify project risks and quickly find an efficient path forward. 

Extension of your Team

When you have limited resources and time, you need a partner that knows wind. Our project managers can help your team navigate quickly through all development and construction phases. We can mentor your team as they experience rapid growth and enhanced technologies. We are committed to your project, providing quality products, and finding success for all stakeholders. 

Evolving Solutions

Projects are continually getting more complex with faster timelines, limited resources, and remote teams. Westwood understands we need to evolve just as quickly. Leveraging the latest innovations and technologies such as GIS, satellites, drones, and artificial intelligence, we're digitizing project processes, leveraging the cloud, and redefining what a single source of truth means to ensure project success.

Wind Experience
Horse Heaven Energy Center

Benton County, WA
Client: Scout Clean Energy
Scope: 1,150 MW wind, solar, and battery storage


Mojave, CA
Client: M.A. Mortenson Construction
Scope: 102 MW, 34 turbines, four sections of land

Lakeswind Wind Power Plant

Clay/Becker/Ottertail Counties, MN
Client: PRC; Rockland Captial; Wanzek Construction
Scope: 50 MW, 32 turbines, 8-mile 115 kV electric transmission line

Macho Springs Wind
Macho Spring Wind Project

Luna County, NM
Client: M.A. Mortenson Construction
Scope: 50.4 MW, 28 turbines, 1,900 acres

Stoneray Wind

Pipestone and Murray Counties, MN
Client: EDF Renewables Development, Inc. and RES Americas
Scope: 100 MW, 39 turbines

Western Spirit Wind

New Mexico
Client: Blattner Energy
Scope:1050 MW; it is the most wind power ever constructed as a single phase in the US

Core Expertise
  • Site Screening and Portfolio Prioritization 
  • Energy Resource Modeling 
  • Sound and Shadow Flicker Modeling 
  • Fatal Flaw Studies 
  • Federal, State, and Local Permitting 
  • Natural and Cultural Resource Assessments and Field Studies 
  • High Resolution Aerial Mapping 
  • GIS Data Gathering and Management 
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys 
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Design 
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling 
  • Civil Engineering Design 
  • Existing Road Studies and Transportation Analysis 
  • SWPPP and SPCCs
  • Electrical Engineering Design and Studies 
  • Substation Design 
  • Transmission and Distribution Design 
  • Decommissioning Plans 
  • Owner’s Engineering Services 
  • Owner’s Construction Support 
  • Avian Fatality Monitoring 
  • Operations Support 
  • Repowering Designs 
  • Utility Discovery, Crossing Matrix, and Crossing Agreement Support 
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